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6/22 On Monday, a new storyline begins.

6/15 Apparently this is how Draed negotiates. Aw, look, he's smiling again.

6/12 Bad guys gotta bad-guy, I guess.

6/8 Meanwhile...

6/5 He makes a good point.

6/1 Let's discuss...

5/29 Let the debate continue.

5/24 This guy seems friendly...

5/22 Korik tries making new friends.

5/18 Subtlety, thy name is not Korik.

5/15 Now where is he off to?

5/11 Aww, hugs... and possible child endangerment...

5/8 Jinx has decided she needs a Korik-tracker.

5/4 I can't see Ironheart at a canned food drive, either.

5/1 The flowers have spring have thorns and teeth, it would seem.

4/27 Jinx discovers the joys of babysitting.

4/24 What ARE spider bagels made of?

4/20 Jinx needed the laugh.

4/17 Oh, Korik, you so silly.

4/13 Title Change! How Korbert got his hat.

4/10 Go on with your bad self, Korik.

4/6 Oh, hi, Draed!

4/3 Uh oh, grown-up talk...

3/30 Sneak, sneak, sneak...

3/27 Someone WAS trying to sleep...

3/23 Jinx is probably calculating how long it's been since she got a raise.