Department of backstory
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1/22 Oh, someone needs to stop talking...

1/18 That expression...

1/15 Jinx is having too much fun.

1/11 Someone else is very talkative.

1/8 Someone's nervous.

1/4 Page Seven.

1/1 Happy New Year! Here's page six.

12/28 Who keeps SHOUTING?

12/25 Someone's taking notes.

12/21 Are Jinx's sinister shadow buddies taking notes?

12/18 Our two detectives discuss...

12/14 Guarding a corpse...

12/11 Chapter three of Family Reunion picks up on Thursday. Meanwhile, Korik rescues his hat from the moat.

12/7 Hope you didn't have any plans.

12/4 Draed is not keen on a lot of things.

11/30 Draed is not keen on this interrogation.

11/27 Page Seventeen

11/23 Investigation time!

11/20 Maybe Calipsa just wanted her brother to shut up.