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7/16 Countdown to Kiku going off...

7/12 Chapter five, page nine.

7/9 Chapter five, page eight.

7/5 Is this the faery version of paging someone?

7/2 The comic will resume Friday, but first let's catch up with Hob and Jade.

6/21 Somebody is spying.

6/18 Kiku would like to be somewhere else.

6/15 Anybody miss this guy? No?

6/11 I'm sure it will be fine in the box...

6/7 What else does Thaen have hanging around?

6/4 The Grand Inverse

5/31 Just a little eavesdropping...

5/28 Surprise!

5/24 Lorelei has to go to another family reunion after this one?

5/21 Too quiet..

5/17 A quiet moment...

5/14 And now it's hug time.

5/10 Kiku raises a good point.

5/7 Spooky story time!

5/3 Chapter Four, page sixteen.

4/30 Draed, your bedside manner needs work.