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3/20 Yep, too eager.

3/16 Korik is a little too eager...

3/13 We have achieved hatness!

3/9 Jinx won't sell kids, but what WILL she do? Page nineteen.

3/6 Korik continues to be hatless, page eighteen.

3/2 That broth does look terrifying...

2/27 Not just a snake, but also a babysitter!

2/23 Is that a hat?

2/20 How Korik Got His Hat, page fourteen.

2/16 Jinx visits her hedgehog pal.

2/13 More gossip!

2/9 The next day...

2/6 Convenient anti-smoke bubble.

2/2 About time she showed up...

1/30 Spooky.

1/26 You'd think the water would help.

1/23 Not a good idea...

1/19 Uh oh.

1/16 Must be a sale...

1/12 He's just grumpy because he doesn't have his hat yet.

1/9 How Korik Got His Hat page two

1/5 Wondering how Korik got his hat? No? Well, just in case, click on the green-haired woman to right for the Grandhive prologue.