Faery Underground

A murdered prince, a missing crown, and a troubled realm. Time is running out, so Jinx and her uncouth associates must put things right, or at least stop them from getting worse.


Preview soon! Here we live in fear of the bestial vrangan, but the greatest threat is never what we expect. Protectors, rebels, and explorers alike must confront all dangers of our world. But never forget, if the Grandhive falls, we are all doomed.

Azhuran Gatewolds

Coming soon! The Prince of Solferino just wants to rule his city in peace, but the rest of the empire won't let that stand. Ancient conspiracies? Assassinations? Magical monsters? Three worlds at war? Will anything else go wrong today?

Observatory Story

Preview up! The mystical Observatory has endless wonders, but only one staff member. The tiny custodian is determind to keep everything neat and un-exploded.


Stuff still in progress.


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